AI Product Descriptions

AI Descriptions

AI description for products to save time, money, & help sales

Key Features

Artificial Intelligent Tagging

Save time, money, and stress by using Artificial Intelligence to generate descriptions for your products based upon their images.

Increase Search & Upsell More

Customers use search to find your products more than anything else, so having a good description means more views and sales.

Control The Descriptions

Generate product descriptions in multiple forms by choosing how our app returns the descriptions to you. Short, long, informative, and reason to puchase.


AI Descriptions uses artificial intelligence to automatically create product descriptions based on images.

Creating an engaging product description is hard and time consuming. Thats why AI-Desc is designed to make the process as easy as possible saving you plenty of time and money.

Simply choose the products, click generate, and let our AI engines analyse the image and return a description for you. Built in editors allow you to alter each description before pushing to the store, and our settings allow for different types of descriptions to be created.


A sneek peek of how the app looks

Pricing Plans.

* All charges are billed in USD.
** Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.


  • 10 API Calls per month
  • Replace Description for a product
  • Priority Support
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Usage Charges

Icon $0.5 > $0.01
  • 11 > 99 API Calls $0.15 each call
  • 100 > 499 API Calls $0.10 each call
  • 500 > 999 API Calls $0.07 each call
  • 1000 > 2999 API Calls $0.05 each call
  • 3000 > 9999 API Calls $0.04 each call
  • 10,000+ API Calls $0.01 each call
  • Plan capped at $100 per month
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