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Apps & Themes, bespoke features, & general Shopify support from experts who can help improve and take your store to the next level.

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Regardless of the CMS system currently in use, we can help you take the plunge into a new CMS taking the workload off migrating for you.

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Secure, fast, & reliable is the key to a successful cloud based service, giving you the tools to scale and backup servers all in one place.

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Google Workspace

Let us migrate you over, or manage your enterprise Google Workspace account to take the stress away from everyday admin tasks.

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Custom SAAS Software

We build many custom SAAS platforms and bespoke software for companies who need help with automating & systems.

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Sit back and let us take control of the marketing from HTML email campaigns, Google Ad Words, Analytics, SEO & more.

Apps & Solutions

Selection of prebuilt solutions and Shopify Apps ready to use.

AI Product Descriptions Shopify App

AI Product Descriptions

AI generated descriptions for products to increase customer engagment, sales, and save you time and money.

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WhatsAppy Shopify App


WhatsApp button to help customer engagement & support with GEO targeting numbers & tracking.

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AnyAsset Shopify App


File manager & Digital Downloads for assets up to 1.5gb size.

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Enchiridion Shopify App


One stop solution for supplying product manuals to customers.

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AI Tagit Shopify App

AI Tagit

AI tagging for products to increase customer search and sales.

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Rapido Shopify App

Rapido - Page Speed Booster

Boost conversion rates & page load speed. One click install.

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Fonty Shopify App


Manage custom fonts on your storefront without code changes

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Cast Ninja App


Upload and share screenshots and videos quickly and easily.

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API allowing the creation of URL from any web service.

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KoreCalendar App


One stop solution for HR, employee leave, expense, and sickness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do indeed. If there is a public or private app you are interested in building then get in touch to discuss the project in more details. hello@wehateonions.com

Yes we can offer a one time yearly and a one time monthly recurring cost for a bundle of our apps on the same store. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs. hello@wehateonions.com

If you have multiple assets for one product then yes when the customer downloads the link given via email, it will compress all the files required into 1 zip which is then delivered to the customer as a download. This is the same process used for custom assets.

Please refer to the documentation for this specific task as it depends on the theme your using and the widget you wish to install. Feel free to raise a support ticket if you continue to struggle with this. See here for the documentation about installing widgets.

Currently yes, some apps have a free trial and other apps have a free plan without any monthly subscription costs.

Yes you can, and this will work on the following apps, AnyAsset - Digital Downloads and Enchiridion - Product Manuals.

Yes you can. This is only a feature of the middle and top payment plans. It allows you to mark a specific product as Bespoke so when its ordered you can see that a bespoke digital asset is required for it. Once you have created the file, you can choose the bespoke order from within the AnyAsset app and upload the file. At this stage you can set limits and hit the button to send the email with the download link to the customer.

Within the settings page, located in the top menu bar, you can define the language in which you want the product tags to be returned in, the limit of tags returned per product, and the confidence level of tags. For example the language is set to English by default but you may want them returned in French (fr), and you may only want a limit of 20 tags to be returned.

Thats correct, each product you generate uses 1 API Call each time you generate it. For example if you generate 10 products at the same time, this will still use 10 API Calls.

Please contact us first to speak with a project manager about your requirements and needs as we may be able to come up with a yearly discounted deal for you.

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