Stock Herald

Back in stock, pre order & restock product alerts via email

Increase Sales & Mailing List

If customers see an out of stock product they leave! Give the option to request a back in stock email & help increase sales & mailing lists.

Form & Email Design

Use the design options to tailor bespoke forms that sit inline with your brand & store design, inc email options for images & more.

Automatic Sync & Emails

Let us do the hard work and automate things. No need to manually send emails or sync stock levels, the app takes care of that.

How It Works ?

Get customers returning to the products when stock comes back in to capture more lost sales.

Increase the sales by offering quick simple alert forms to the customer, without any need of coding.

Some of the main features * Best In Stock and Pre-order app available * Used by over 2,000 stores. * Customers can subscribe to out of stock or pre-order products at a variant level. * Customise the form design to match your brand and store front. * Extended email controls to entice the customer to click through on the email alert. * Automatic inventory sync and email alerts, sit back and let the app do the heavy lifting. * Minimum inventory trigger, show the form when a product hits a specific quantity but not sold out. * Simple and easy to install, be up and running in 5 minutes. * ESP (email server provider), to help grow your mailing list with each subscription. * Statistics and reports for all subscribers, email alerts, products and more. * Manage the subscribers for each product

Increase Sales
When customers find your out of stock product most will leave and not check back on a daily or weekly basis to check the availability. This causes loss of potential sales on a product that may well return in stock a few days later.

This is where Stock Herald comes in handy. Let your customers subscribe to the product directly on the product page to receive an email as soon as more stock comes in. The beauty of the Automatic Syncing means you as a busy store owner has no need to keep a check on the app, instead the app will take care of this and send out emails as soon as the inventory level increases.

Stock Herald also offers a Minimum Inventory Trigger system allowing you to set a specific inventory quantity against any product. When this level of stock is met, the back in stock alert form will be shown to the customer. This is particularly handy when your running low on stock and wish to show it as if its sold out.

Need help configuring the Stock Herald Alerts app to match your website brand and style?<
Use the built in support tool and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Integrates with
Mailchimp, Dotdigital, Drip, Campaign Monitor

We strive to provide the very best support to our customers and to continuing enhancing the app to provide more ESP’s and features over time.


Suitable for Regular

  • 50 alert requests/mo
  • Basic alert signup forms
  • Manual Back in Stock alerts
  • Manual Inventory Syncing
  • Detailed Reports

Suitable for Business

$ 10.99 /mo
  • 250 alert requests/mo
  • Basic alert signup forms
  • Automatic back in stock alerts
  • Automatic Inventory Syncing
  • Detailed Reports

Suitable for Premium

$ 21.99 /mo
  • 2500 alert requests/mo
  • Custom forms & email controls
  • Minimum Inventory Trigger
  • + Everything in Starter plan

Suitable for Premium

$ 34.99 /mo
  • 5000 alert requests/mo
  • Custom forms & email controls
  • Minimum Inventory Trigger
  • ESP Integration
  • + Everything in Pro plan

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